How you learn will determine how you lead.

At RTS Jackson, the context of community fosters meditation on God's Word as you're surrounded by other believers. A faculty that cares for their students, weekly prayer groups and athletics, and campus housing together help us to live out our motto: a mind for truth, a heart for God.

Dr. Guy L. Richardson
President, Jackson Campus

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Student Cabinet Hosts Annual Fellowship of the Nations Potluck

The Student Cabinet at RTS Jackson hosted the annual Fellowship of the Nations Potluck on September 26. Students brought dishes ... | Read More

AALI Cohort Tours National Civil Rights Museum

Members of the 2015 AALI Cohort toured the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis this past Saturday, October 3. The group was ... | Read More

RTS Faculty & Staff Preach at Redeemer Church, Jackson

Several RTS faculty and staff have recently filled the pulpit at Redeemer Church, Jackson (PCA) as the church continues its ... | Read More

Students and Professionals Attend Gottman Couples Therapy Training

On September 11 and 25, the Marriage & Family Therapy and Counseling (MFTC) program at RTS Jackson offered Gottman Level 1 ... | Read More

Guy Waters Reviews Two Books on American Christianity

Guy Waters has written a combined review of two recent books by Thomas E. Bergler, The Juvenilization of American Christianity ... | Read More

Interested in a Career in Christian Counseling?

Our MFTC program at RTS Jackson equips you from a biblical world and life view to be a licensed counselor and trains you to engage in the ministry of discipling the brokenhearted. Students engage in a robust curriculum of theology and psychology classes along with 500 hours of on-site clinic work with real clients to prepare them for licensure as LPCs and LMFTs, all under the supervision of experienced professors and supervisors.

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Watch 'Divided by Faith'

Why is, as Martin Luther King observed, 'the 11:00 hour on Sunday morning the most segregated hour of the week'? For the AALI Kickoff on August 21, Sean Lucas delivered an insightful historical lecture on segregation in the church in the U.S. Lucas is Professor of Church History at RTS Jackson and has written extensively on the history of the church and Presbyterianism.

The AALI Kickoff Watch Lucas's Lecture

African American Leadership Initiative (AALI)

With RUF at JSU, Redeemer PCA, Mission Mississippi, Voice of Calvary Ministries, and New Horizons, RTS Jackson provides a unique context for multiethnic, urban, and African American ministry. Partnering with these ministries, AALI...

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Living & Learning at RTS Jackson: The Distinctive of Campus Housing

With both on-campus apartments - married and singles - and off-campus townhomes, RTS Jackson is the perfect place to live out what you're learning in community with others. Most Jackson students live in seminary housing, which promotes a strong community environment for learning and spiritual growth and makes seminary affordable.

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Missions Focus & An International Community

Jesus came to seek and save the lost and then called and empowered us to make disciples of all nations. At RTS Jackson we prepare international and American students together to take the Gospel across the street and around the world.

International Students Missions Emphasis