Where Are They Now? Alumni News

For over 20 years, RTS Charlotte has trained men and women to serve Christ and His church in Charlotte, in the United States, and throughout the world. These alumni highlights will give you a glimpse of what our alumni are doing and the great work that is being done through them. Keep an eye out for someone you know and be blessed to see God at work in their lives!

Cynthia Ruble (2000)

Matt Howell (2009)
Phil Davis (2003)

Connice Dyar (2007)
Matt Miller (2004)

Joe Holland (2003)

Jordan Olshefski

Bernie Lawrence (2010)

Alyson Averitt (2005)

Carlton Wynne (2007)

J.R. Foster (1999)

Elizabeth Parker (2014)

Jonathan Dorst (1999)

David Rea (1999)

Gen. Douglas Lee

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